krpano News


A few days ago, Klaus released krpano It was supposed to be a small bugfix version of, but Klaus keeps amazing us all by adding tons of nice features.

I won’t discuss every feature, but I’ll list a few that caught my eye.

has been renamed toto prevent confusion (still works though). Since’s are not always plugins, but more often just layers with graphics or placeholders, Klaus imagined renaming would help comprehending the massive api of krpano.

The parent system is revamped. You now have layers that are of the type “container” and within those layers you can have sublayers. You now structure your plugins/layers on a more natural (xml) way. A nice addittion to this is, are two new properties, bgcolor and bgalpha. Without the need of an image, you can now create interface elements.

<layer name="links" type="container" keep="true" align="righttop" width="170" height="170" x="10" style="gui_fade_style">
	<layer name="link_1" type="container" bgcolor="0x5d1824" bgalpha="1"  align="lefttop" width="85" height="85" x="85" y="0" scalechildren="false" maskchildren="true" keep="true">
		<layer name="fullscreen_btn" url="%SWFPATH%/skin/images/sprite.png" crop="0|0|85|85" onovercrop="0|85|85|85" />
	<layer name="link_2" type="container" bgcolor="0x91191b" bgalpha="1"  align="lefttop" width="85" height="85" x="0" y="0" scalechildren="false" maskchildren="true" keep="true" />
	<layer name="link_3" type="container" bgcolor="0xbb1c21" bgalpha="1"  align="lefttop" width="85" height="85" x="85" y="85" scalechildren="false" maskchildren="true" keep="true">
		<layer name="map_btn" url="%SWFPATH%/skin/images/sprite.png" crop="85|0|85|85" onovercrop="85|85|85|85" />
	<layer name="link_4" type="container" bgcolor="0xab1922" bgalpha="1"  align="lefttop" width="85" height="85" x="0" y="85" scalechildren="false" maskchildren="true" keep="true" />

Next to that, krpano now comes with it’s own editor! Simply create hotspots and set the initial view, then copy the generated xml file to your filesystem. This will definitely speed up the process of making tours. If your panorama’s contain GPS coordinates in the EXIF, then you’re in luck. Krpano can read those coordinates and generate a Bing Map with the hotspots already placed!